A Little Good News

Every great once in awhile, I succumb to the peer pressures of blogging.  Today is one such day.  

I confess; I do not watch television, listen to secular radio, nor read the newspaper.  I truly live in a vacuum and enjoy every moment.  However, today is the day I break with tradition to bring you some stories of hope and encouragement from the world wide web!

Thank you to Rob Hansen at My God, My Music, My Life for challenging his readers to such an event!  

Going above and beyond the call to serve, I found these encouraging stories.

A little math help! — When you need help with your math what do you do?  Reach out to your local police department via FaceBook of course!  The kicker, they took the time to help!

Teaching Children — Taking the time out to teach Children in this day and age requires time and patience, especially when it comes to teaching them chess!  Hooray for my home state of Missouri!

A little gift goes a long way — God still moves through the heart of others!

matthew 25-40

Animals are so near to my heart.  Our pets depend on us and when we let them down it’s tragic!  Here’s to those who step up!

He gets a second chance — Found near dead, this dog gets to ride in style!

One for the cats — There are those in this world who think we would be better off without cats, these folks disagree.

Personal delivery for the wildlife — The drought affects everyone, especially the animals.

Mark 16-15