Just as He Said

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Today is Palm Sunday.  Hopefully, you get to experience the pageantry of the children’s department parading around the church waving palm branches and singing their Easter best while proud parents and grandparents beam from their front row seats.  [Small aside:  No one ever wants to sit in those seats when it’s just the regular worship team; however, when it is children’s choir Sunday those things go faster than seats on the 50-yard line at the university in my backyard.]

Before the pageantry begins, before the hustle and bustle – it’s quiet at my house.  All the creatures are still asleep, both two-legged and four-legged.  Even my guest dog is snoring. In the quiet, I thought I would read ahead, the familiar words we will read as a congregation today. Luke 19.28ff – you may know it by heart or you may have never read it.  If you want, take a moment and read it.  It’s okay, we’ll wait on you.

Jesus has been on this steady march towards Jerusalem for some time.  Mark records it as, “He set His face towards Jerusalem.”  It’s all about to heat up and throw down.  [If this is your first Easter, I will not spoil the ending.  Promise me that you will hang around for the whole story.  It will get good, bad, and heart-breakingly horrible before it becomes gloriously amazing.  It will change your life – don’t give up on the story!]

Luke 19-32

As I read the familiar words, two phrases jump off the page: “The Lord needs it.” and “They found it, just as He told them.”  In my over-active imagination, I can see the Lord laying out His instructions to the disciples, while they stand there with befuddled expressions.  “So, we are just going to borrow someone’s future livelihood because You said?”  Yep.  I see them shrugging and doing as He directed, maybe mumbling to themselves as they trek off.  And then I see them astounded.  Because they found it, just as Jesus has told them it would be.  What He said, was.  What He needed, was.

How many times do I shrug and mumble when the Lord gives me a directive?  How many times do I ignore the preparations He is making on my behalf?  How many times do I become timid in asking those around me to participate in what God Himself is planning?

Where I might see inconveniencing someone and hindering their future in a random way, the Lord sees the very vehicle that He is going to use to fulfill prophecy.  Where I might see an impossible string of coincidences that just won’t work, the Lord stands outside of my timeline and knows what I can’t even begin to imagine.  Where I see myself being rejected for my outlandish requests, the Lord knows what the answer is going to be.

Jesus came in the fullness of time.  Jesus set His face towards Jerusalem when the time was right.  In the grand scheme of bringing the fullness and Jerusalem together to change the world’s eternity, God paid attention to a little jenny that nobody remembered and gave her a foal.  Because the Lord would need it and the disciples needed to find it just like He said it would be.

Oh, my friends, what in the world am I thinking when I don’t think the Lord has a plan for my life?  When I don’t think that He can do what His word says He can do?  When I wonder if He is really, truly strong and mighty to save?  When I read His words, His very directive to me, then shrug and trek off – full of doubts that those words apply to me or my life situation. Why in the world do I wonder and doubt?  Because right there, written down for the entire world to read:  “Go … because the Lord needs it.”

And they found it just as He had told them they would.

Author: MariJo

Sitting in the passenger's seat of life watching this nation roll by. Saved by grace, living on faith!

19 thoughts on “Just as He Said”

  1. Mari, my friend, it’s been much too long since I last visited your blog. I’m thrilled to have stumbled across this gem tonight though. I love so much about it that it’s hard to write a specific comment. Right now I’m praying that I’ll find His plan for my life, just as He said.

    1. Hi Lauren! My dear sister wrote this one for my blog. She’s a keeper! This spoke into my life beyond words as well. God knows what He is doing. Every word of the bible is truth, it is just as he said!

  2. “How many times do I ignore the preparations He is making on my behalf?” This question really got me. How many times do those directives beg my obedience to learn more of the “why” behind those directives? This is such a great post! I’m so thankful that God works in the preparations, in the logistics, and in the details!

    1. Thanks so much Erin! I’m glad you stopped by. My sister wrote this guest post, it spoke to me as well. God definitely delights in all the details of our lives!

  3. Perfect. If only I would always remember that God already has it(my life) planned, has it managed, details ironed out, –and in the end, my reservation confirmed! If I would simply carry that message around with me, in my pocket, or on my forehead, on my arm- whatever! God is good! Thanks for your timely insight MariJo

  4. Such an eye opening post, MariJo. I, too, find myself at times, grumbling and complaining. Doubting if things are going to be ok… How easy it is to get caught up in such negativity!
    Needed this! Thank you!

    1. This one was written by my sister…and it spoke volumes to me as well. Deep down, I know it will be just as He said, but somehow in the midst of the fire I forget…

      I’m so glad you stopped by!

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